News: 28th Anniversary!!





After 28 years of designing and building Directly Heated Triode(DHT) preamplifiers the Supratek DHT preamps are possibly the pinnacle of tube preamp design.

Supratek released the first commercially available 300B, 45, 101D and 4P1L DHT preamps and is constantly refining the state of the art in tube preamp design.

From Jan 2015 I will only be building DHT preamps on a mostly custom basis.

The older 6SN7 based indirectly heated triode designs will finally be retired after more than a thousand were built. I’m now concentrating on the limited production DHT preamps.

Two models will be available from 2015 and only 4-6 preamps will be built in 2015:

The tube moving coil phono Cortese now has a 4P1L DHT line stage. It will come in two versions, one with balanced/unbalanced outputs and the other with unbalanced RCA outputs only.

The Cabernet DHT line-stage will be built on a custom basis to suit owners taste and systems. Also available as the Dual Cabernet for those using active systems or subwoofers

The Cabernet also uses the 4P1L NOS tube- an exciting , precise sound that is accurate and detailed.  Tight, deep bass, this tube will let you hear the recording with  all of its finesse. Very engaging , hard to turn the music off! The 4P1L is a very balanced tube with the magical DHT sound that brings all systems to life.

The 4P1L is unique in that tube variations are rare- it is manufactured to exacting conditions and is one of the highest quality DHT tubes available. It does not need matching for stereo use and is ideal for audio. Supratek has over 500 4P1L in stock .

The Cabernet is also available with 300B tubes - this is a warmer , more “tube” sounding preamp for those that want this character in their system.

The Cabernet Reference  This is a very special preamp based on years of DHT design and building. It uses the 4P1L  DHT tube, and has a switchable Lundahl input transformer. It also has a switchable 6SN7 tube driver stage and a switchable Magnequest output transformer. All these options can be used singly or in combination to give a wide range of gain , impedances and sonic signatures. Its the ultimate preamp able to give the best of any system. I've been using this design in my best system for over 6 months and cant imagine DHT design getting better than this.

All preamps are built with the same high quality componentry, massive power supplies, thick copper chassis (chrome plated or anodised) and the heart of Supratek designs, the tube shunt regulator.

Prices will remain fair and considerate- Supratek preamps better preamps costing 3, 4 or even 10 times the price.

"The Supratek preamps are built by a passionate music lover and artisan far removed from audiophile dogma, with engineering experience stretching many decades. The preamps provide clear, dynamic, powerful and tonally beautiful music to the music lover who is open enough to accept a distinctive component from a craftsman who hand-builds and voices each unit as if it were his personal one-off."  6 moons.